• 2012 magazine workshop presented by Virginia Butler and Carrel Muller
  • A visit from Donna Jo Napoli
  • Hippies at SCBWI national conference 2012
  • Speaker Leslie Helakoski (second from right) at regional SCBWI Louisiana conference, October 2011
  • With John Scieszka at Hattiesburg Book Fest 2012
  • At the 2011 Louisiana Book Festival (left to right): Cheryl Mathis, Dianne de las Casas, and Virginia Howard
  • 2012 Illustrator Sketch Day at The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, City Park, New Orleans
  • Photo on left: Ellen Ruffin with the deGrummond Collection. Photo on right, left to right: Cheryl Mathis, Carrel Muller and Pat Hefler are at the 40th summer conference in LA awards luncheon.
  • Jean Cassels receives an award from Jay Dardenne at the Louisiana Book Festival 2011 for illustrating Two Bobbies.
  • Book signngs: Freddi Evans (left) and Terri Hoover Dunham and friend (right)

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The Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter of SCBWI meets regularly on the third Saturday of every month, unless otherwise notified, from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. We

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In 2013 the international level of SCBWI re-organize some regional boundaries to minimize the geographical expanses of regions and to make it easier for members to access events in their regions. Mississippi is now partnered with the Louisiana region. Southern Breeze now consists of Alabama, Georgia, and the panhandle of Florida. To ease this transition, those who were members in Mississippi before this change have the option to choose whether to have their memberships remain with Southern Breeze or to transition to the Louisiana/Mississippi Region. Members may be registered in a different location from where they live. They simply need to contact GeeCee Addison in the main office and let her know in which region they want to be aligned. Of course, membership in SCBWI is international. You are always welcome to attend events in ANY region. We welcome you to the Louisiana/Mississippi Region.